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The 79 Supporters Club

About The Club

The dystrophin gene has 79 exons. This number holds a significant place in the hearts of all Duchenne parents. This is why we have thought it fitting to use this magic number to help our boys beat the monster.

We invite 79 businesses, friends and supporters to join our fight by donating a minimum of £10 per week through a direct debit. With these donations, we hope to cover the cost of treatment for a full year for this 100% fatal disease.


Fight For Alfie is engaged in a continuous struggle to raise money for treatment for Alfie, one of Newry's strongest and bravest kids. As all of our efforts are focused on funding the next set of treatments, this new approach will hopefully allow us to concentrate on the most important things in life, that is spending time with our child for as long as they have left.

Science tells us that our boys normally die at age 21, Alfie is already 10 years old; which doesn’t leave a lot of time for us to enjoy our time with our child, as parents of dying children we are always worried about the next treatment.

As part of the Supporters Club, we will be designing a unique t-shirts. This t-shirt will contain 79 either logos, signatures, messages of support for our brave warriors fighting this 100% fatal disease.

With 79 supporters joining the fight against Duchenne with us we can make a real difference to the lives of the boys and their families...

Study Costs

The Benefits Of Joining

Promoted on Social Media & Website

Entrance to upcoming events


Logo or personal message displayed on our TeamAlfie T-shirts

A free TeamAlfie 79 Supporters Club T-Shirt

Most Importantly!
Helping to save a boy's life.

How to Join

Contact Us either by Email or Phone:
Phone: 0044 7512 512619


Or alternatively download our Direct
Debit from below:

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