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I am Alfie

I was born on Wednesday 26th September 2012. My parents Colleen and Jamie couldn't wait to finally meet me; and neither could my huge amazing family. As I got bigger, my mum and dad felt that something wasn't quite right; I would struggle with simple things like climbing or getting up from the ground. Most of all my legs were always very stingy, which caused me to walk or run on my tippy toes. After multiple trips to the doctors and what seemed like hundreds of tests, my parents were finally given an answer.... I was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in 2016 when I was 4 years old.

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How My Life Has Changed

Since being diagnosed with DMD, I have had to attend appointment after appointment, with all kinds of different specialists. The most important ones are to check my heart and lungs regular; as they are muscles in my body too and Duchenne can affect them, just as it affects the muscles in my legs.

Other appointments which I must attend are with the physiotherapist. It is so important that I do my physio regularly as it can keep me mobile and my muscles fit. Otherwise my muscles will become extremely tight and sore.

I love to run around, playing with my brother Jamie and cousin Calum. Although, I do get sore and tired easily and this frustrates me so much. As much as a try, I cannot do everything I want or should be able to do. Recently, my life also involves a wheelchair. I don't need it everyday, only for long distances or traveling. 


@Paige Mellin Photography

Who is Alfie?: About Us

My Daily Routine

My day starts a little differently to other boys my age. 

Firstly, I have a handful of supplements and medication that I must take with my breakfast; roughly 14 tablets. Then it's time for my physio exercises before I head to school. After busy day of "learning" at school, it's time to go to my private physio session. I have to go to these sessions, at least once a week.

Then it's time to have fun with family, complete my homework and have some dinner. Now I have to spend 90 minutes inside my Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, it is not as fun as it sounds. It like lying inside a coffin all by myself...

Lastly before i go to bed, I have to complete another set of stretches and exercises.

This might seem like a lot but this is actually a standard day for a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 

Who is Alfie?: About Us
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